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I've been writing an online column called "Time and Place" for about a year now.  You can view my articles on the Communities Digital News website:

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Has Society Forgotten God's Laws?

Charlie has just completed his third book titled "Has Society Forgotten God's Laws?". This new work addresses how the disobedience of our Ten Commandments and the United States Constitution is not being adhered to. The inevitable result is a society fully engrossed in chaos. Charlie takes these issues head on and also gives his opinions on how our future can be saved. Charlie feels that at the age of eighty four, and having lived through insurmountable odds, that he has "seen it all". He definitely has some opinions about our current culture.

A Living Legacy - NOW AVAILABLE!

A Living Legacy - NOW AVAILABLE!

What's so good about the "good old days"?

According to the author, there is much good about the old days. He strongly encourages those who lived through them to share with younger generations the traditional values and high moral standards that characterized that time in American history. The message that is woven throughout A Living Legacy calls for senior citizens to use their influence to turn the tide of our nation's self-destruction. With humorous anecdotes, he draws lessons from the past as he reminisces about being brought up in an era when integrity, a strong work ethic, simplicity in living, and reverence for God were common. This anthology of experiences, which references the past while linking the present and future, is for all ages to appreciate. Come share this journey down "Memory Lane," and you will be better for it.
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In-Studio Photos

In-Studio Photos
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